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Reactiv8 Shingle Treatment


Save your money by treating your shingle roofs with Reactiv8®

Reactiv8 bonds shingle layers together for greatly increased wind and storm damage resistance. Reactiv8 users have experienced very significant benefits in numerous circumstances where wind and storm damage was an issue, found the bonding between the layers of shingles to be improved roughly 90%.

Reactiv8 creates and reinforces the bond between the layers, increases the shingles’ flexibility so that the bond between layers does not break with thermal expansion and contraction, and also reinforces the shingles structural strength as well as protecting against water permeation and degradation.

Why Treat Your Shingles?

Asphalt shingles have changed over the last number of years. They are thinner than they used to be, and contain less actual asphalt, and so they tend not to last as long as they used to. That’s where we come in. Our 95% plant-based treatment solution absorbs into the asphalt and rejuvenates it like skin lotion soaking and revitalizing your skin. This allows the layer of shingles to expand and contract with heat and cold properly, without breaking apart, and also gives the shingles more capability to deal with weather and wind, without breaking apart as well. Need more reasons why you should treat your shingles with Reactiv8!

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